Turn Left Issue 21 Now Online

Click on the cover image above to check out the latest issue of our Brighton Rockers fanzine. This issue came out on the 25th November 2017 for a double header against the Norfolk Roller Derby A-team and Dorset Roller Girls B-team. If you’re after a physical copy there will be a few available in the Evening Star and Bierhaus pubs from tomorrow evening (Monday 27th). Many thanks to all our awesomes interviewees, fab photographers and ace advertisers… Yay!

Turn Left Issue 13 Now Online


This weekend saw the mighty Brighton Rockers host two teams from over the water. The A-team AllStars took of Belgium’s Gent GO-GO Roller Girls, whilst the B-team Rockerbillies faced Switchblade Roller Grrrls of Lille, France. We’ll have a full report on the action in a few days (or months, if our recent slovenliness is any indication). In the meantime click on the image above to check out the online version of the newly redesigned fanzine that we gave out at the event. Inside you’ll find three big interviews – with Shambolic, Irish Mist and referees Noise Tank and LaserHammer – plus a festive quiz, news from all six Sussex derby leagues and more. There will be a few physical copies in the Evening Star pub from tonight if you’re after one. Also, of you want to vote in our Player Of The Year poll (which took place yesterday) e-mail your picks for some or all of these categories – Player, Jammer, Blocker, B-teamer, Rookie, Icon, Official and Other – to brightonbrats@yahoo.co.uk by Sunday 13th December. Cheers.

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